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Targeted relief from persistent back pain.

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, our Brisbane pain specialists can help with expert diagnosis, intervention and ongoing pain management.

Back pain, particularly lower back pain, is a major problem throughout the world.

In Australia, 3 million people suffer from persistent back pain on any given day, and almost half of these report restrictions in activity. Every year, over 120,000 people are admitted to hospital in Australia with low back pain.
Back pain can negatively affect your quality of life on a daily basis. At Interventus Pain Specialists, we focus on accurately diagnosing the source of your back pain before developing a comprehensive treatment plan to restore function and relieve your discomfort.

Understanding the anatomy

The lumbar spine joins the thoracic spine to the sacrum, which in turn attaches the whole spine to the pelvis. The lumbar spine contains five vertebral segments, called L1 up to L5. This very mobile segment of the back allows for movement in all directions. Each segment of the lumbar spine has three 3 important features:

  • A pair of facet joints that connect two vertebrae, enabling forward, backward and twisting motions
  • An intervertebral disc in between the vertebrae that cushions, spaces and enables movement
  • Neural foramina on both sides of the spine that the nerve roots exit through

The sacrum comprises five vertebral bones, called S1 up to S5, but unlike the rest of the spine, these five bones are fused before adulthood. The sacrum joins the main pelvic bone on each side forming the Sacro-iliac Joint. The coccyx (or tailbone) attaches to the inferior part of the sacrum.

Correctly diagnosing the cause of your back pain

Modern approaches have demonstrated that there are three potential structures contributing to pain in the vast majority of people with persistent low back pain – the facet joint, the intervertebral disc and the sacroiliac joints. These three structures all move together and produce similar pain. Differentiating between them requires a comprehensive diagnosis.

To determine which structure is causing your pain, Interventus Pain Specialists use a combination of clinical examinations, investigations such as X-Rays and MRIs, and other diagnostic tools such as Prognostic Injections, Radiofrequency Neurotomy or Pulsed Radiofrequency Neuromodulation.

At Interventus, our Brisbane back pain specialists focus on accurately diagnosing the cause of your pain, before determining which treatment approach is most likely to be successful.

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