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Frequently Asked Questions

Minimally invasive procedures offer the potential for a significant reduction in pain and suffering, in select patients. The team at Interventus are highly trained and specialise in offering interventional procedures for the management of persistent pain.
Specific information leaflets are available for most of the procedures we perform. Please ask the team for any information you may require at your next appointment.

Below are a list of frequently asked questions relating to the procedures we offer.

Will I be awake during the procedure?

This depends on the type of procedure you have been offered. During any procedure we carry out, an Anaesthetist will be present to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible.

Is the procedure painful?

An Anaesthetist will always be present during any of the procedures we offer to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible. If you are able to have sedation, it is rare that you will feel any discomfort during the procedure.

What are the potential complications?

All procedures carry risks, however the procedures we carry out are generally very safe.

Some common potential side effects include:

  • Bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Allergic reaction
  • Temporary limb numbness or tingling
  • Temporary worsening of pain symptoms

More severe side effects are extremely rare and will be discussed with you during your consultation with our team.

Prior to undergoing any procedure you will be required to sign a consent form. Risks will be outlined on that form and will be discussed further during the consultation.

What happens next?

A follow-up appointment to see our team will be scheduled after your procedure. It is important that you attend this appointment regardless of the outcome of your procedure.

Remember, interventional procedures only form part of the management plan for persistent pain and we will want to explore ongoing management options further.

How do I prepare for the procedure?

It is important that you tell us if you are:

  • Taking blood thinners, including fish oils or aspirin
  • Diabetic
  • Pregnant (or any chance of you being pregnant)
  • Allergic to iodine, betadine, chlorhexidine, shellfish, local anaesthetics, or steroids
  • Feeling unwell (especially if you have an infection)
  • Undergoing treatment or review for any other medical condition(s) by another Specialist or GP

The day before your procedure:

  • Please shower and check your skin for any cuts, grazes or infections
  • Check that you have a responsible adult to take you home from hospital and stay with you for at least 12 hours following your procedure

On the day of your procedure:

It is essential that you do not eat anything for at least 6 hours prior to your procedure. However, you may drink water up to 2 hours prior, but no more then 200ml per hour. Please take your regular medication with a small sip of water.

Once admitted, you will be taken to the procedure room where the following procedures will take place:

  • A needle (cannula) will be inserted into one of your veins
  • You will be connected to a machine to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure throughout the procedure
  • You will lie face down on an x-ray table with supports placed under your chest and legs
  • You may be given some local anaesthetic around the area of skin where the needle is to be placed
  • The procedure will be performed under strict sterile conditions
  • An x-ray machine will be used to guide the needle into the correct area
  • Once the procedure has been completed, you will spend some time in the recovery area until the nursing staff can see that it is safe for you to travel home accompanied
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The team at Interventus consistently adheres to the highest standards of patient care. Our medical specialists have all undertaken local and international advanced pain medicine training and have been mentored by world-class pain specialists.

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