It’s our mission to help our patients achieve freedom from pain

Patient Information

It’s our mission to help our patients achieve freedom from pain

Interventus brings together an expert team of pain specialists focused on restoring your quality of life

Our multidisciplinary team comprises three of Brisbane’s leading Pain Management Specialists, a Pain Nurse, specialist Pain Physiotherapists and skilled Administrators. Together, we adhere to the highest standards of patient care, using our vast experience to achieve our aim of minimising our patients’ pain and discomfort to help them enjoy every day.

Conditions we treat

We specialise in treating persistent and chronic pain, including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain. We also perform Spinal Cord Stimulation where appropriate.


Shoulder Pain

Interventional Procedures

Our Brisbane Pain Management Clinic offers minimally invasive interventional procedures that may significantly reduce pain and suffering.


Interventus Team Focus

Medical Questionnaire

Please complete this Medical Questionnaire prior to your appointment so that we can offer you the best possible care.


Pain Management Program

As an Interventus patient, we can facilitate referral to a Pain Management Program.


About your appointment

Key information about what to do prior to your appointment and what happens during the first consultation.


Fees & Payment Information

Ensure you’re up to date about our fees and payment policy for consultations and procedures.


Useful Resources

A collection of books, videos and websites that may be useful in helping you understand your pain and how you can effectively manage it.


Useful Policies

Read the Interventus Pain Specialists’ policies on Medicinal Cannabis, Privacy and Acceptable Patient Behaviour.


Intervention: an action that leads to change.

We specialise in using six key interventions specifically tailored to your circumstances and needs.

1 – Target specific cause of pain
We aim to find the specific cause for your pain through a comprehensive consultation and further investigations, if required, before treating with a targeted intervention.

2 – Sensible use of medications
Our Pain Specialists are highly qualified in helping patients achieve the right medication usage that balances benefits, risks and side effects, without over-use or over-reliance.

3 – Physical and functional reconditioning
Using a team approach that’s expertly coordinated by a Pain Specialist, we focus on improving both your overall physical health and functional ability.

4 – Education is power
Ongoing avoidance of activity associated with pain can leave you stuck in a vicious cycle with ever-declining physical and functional capacity. We help you understand these concepts, so you’re empowered to change that cycle.

5 – Manage psychological and social consequences of pain
As well as treating the underlying pain disorder, we can also help you manage associated problems with your mood or relationships that may have developed over months or years.

6 – Use advanced technologies where appropriate
Interventus’ Pain Specialists are experts in the use of Spinal Cord Stimulation, a technologically advanced procedure involving electrical stimulation of pain pathways in the posterior spinal cord.

Find out how Interventus Pain Specialists can help diagnose, treat and manage your specific pain conditions.